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It may just be a live microphone in a small spotlight, but when Kris Shaw steps up to it, the experience is unlike anything youve come to expect from stand up comedy.

Kris is a storyteller who, with quick bursts of wit and carefully crafted silences, keeps the audience engaged through everyday observations and tough topics alike. His slightly askew but lovable style disarms and charms from the first set-up to the final punch line. There isnt so much as a hint of meanness in his spirit, and that good energy spills onto the stage and beyond. You will find yourself laughing out loud, delighted at how easily you relate to this uniquely funny guy.

Kris is a fan favorite who tours comedy clubs, colleges and events all across the United States and Canada. He has entertained troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Bahrain, Dubai, Kyrgestan and Africa. Kris also appears in national television commercials and had a recurring extra role on the CBS drama Close To Home.

If you’re looking for a half-Peruvian comedian from Wisconsin, look no further. Antonio Aguilar has been dazzling audiences from sea to shining sea with smart joke-writing that has been lauded by audiences, bookers and comedians alike. Antonio has been featured in comedy festivals such as the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas and the Cleveland Comedy Festival in, well, Cleveland.

He has opened up for the likes of the Sklar Brothers and the cast of Super Troopers.



Jim Holder is a seasoned veteran of stand-up comedy who has headlined the most respected comedy clubs from coast-to-coast.

Jim started his career at The Comedy Workshop in Houston, Texas, home of the “Texas Outlaw Comics” such as
Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks. From those early influences, Jim developed the passion for stand-up comedy that he carries today.

With an attitude aimed at making people laugh uncontrollably, Jim strikes incredibly close to home with his deceptively-friendly, yet cynical descriptions of everyday subjects!

BradChad Porter was the first baby born in Sulphur, OK in 1977. BradChad never really fit into that small southeastern Oklahoma town. It is a place where life moves slowly, and where Mtv is still not allowed on the cable dial. While his contemporaries were kneeling at the altar of athletics he looked to Father Guido Sarducci for salvation. While his classmates were emulating Nolan Ryan and Bo Jackson on fields of play he was practicing his Sam Kinison scream into the giant mirror on his parent’s bathroom wall. At age four he told his mother, “…when I grow up I’m gonna be on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, but Johnny’s not gonna be there…”

His route to the stand-up stage was not a direct one. BradChad has lived many lives which inform his comedic sensibilities. He has found work as a teacher, as well as a salesman, and for a brief stint the caretaker of a cemetery. Perhaps the most notable diversion from his path to stand-up comedy was the decade he spent working as a minister. He worked in this field as a Senior Pastor, Evangelist, and Youth Minister until he discovered as he put it, “[He doesn’t] know one person after 10 years in whose life organized religion has had a net positive effect.” After much soul searching BradChad turned to his first love, stand-up comedy, to make a career.

Making a living as a stand-up comic in Oklahoma is a tall order as it turns out. With only two comedy clubs within driving distance, BradChad, now a family man, had his work cut out for him when it came to getting stage time and attention. These geographic and personal obstacles shaped him into a “do-it-yourself” comedian. He was one of a handful of Oklahoma comics who met the desperate need for stage time by starting a weekly open mic comedy show at a club in Norman, OK. That show has now run for three years. Not content with open mics alone, he started his own weekly showcase/variety show called, Mondays Don’t Suck, at a bar in OKC, OK. That show has now run for two years. His independent spirit and strong work ethic have earned him the respect of audiences, comedians and club owners.

An award-winning stand-up comedian, BradChad’s booming voice and deranged perspective on the world serves his comedy well. Through the twisting range of his material, and through his fresh and unique delivery, Porter has managed to open doors to perform in a diverse list of venues. From bars to theaters, comedy clubs to military bases, cross-town buses to video rental outlets, BradChad’s performances remain consistently amazing. Comprised of rich stories and observational comedy delivered with intense conviction, BradChad’s comedy speaks to the righteous anger and frustration within us all, a response to a world that just doesn’t work like it should.

BradChad is known for leaving lasting impressions on audiences. He has garnered a cult following among the after-hours crowd. Not only does this following look forward to every new idea that comes out of his mouth, but they have also memorized his best bits word-for-word and continue to enjoy them nonetheless. “BradChad is easily one of the best yet-to-be-discovered comics I’ve ever seen,” said Kelly Taylor, promoter of Bill Hicks Lives, a tribute showcase. “Brad is a master of saying stuff to make you say ‘Oh sh*t. That was f*ck*ng funny! Did he really just say that?” His act ranges from PG-13 to a hard R rating.


Marc is an award-winning comedian featured on the Showtime special, Goin’ Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam. Marc has also been seen on the PBS special, Crossing The Line, SiTV’s, The Latino Laugh Festival and Comics Unleashed With Byron Allen. Marc has been heard on Sirius XM Radio, Bob & Tom and NPR. Marc is a founding member of the Pow Wow Comedy Jam, who were honored as North American Indigenous Image Awards’ Comedians of the Year and the National Indian Gaming Association’s Entertainers of the Year. Marc has performed five times overseas for the troops in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. He won the Ventura Comedy Festival’s Funniest Person Contest in 2012 and is a guest columnist for Indian Country Today Media Network. From clubs & colleges to casinos & corporate events, Marc leaves a trail of laughs that is funny not filthy.

Realizing he couldn’t make a living in a Marching Band, Chad Miller started his comedy career in 1997. On a dare, he took the stage at an open-mic, where he got exactly two laughs. That was enough to keep him coming back for more. Not long after that, he started hosting on a regular basis. He also has been involved in sketch comedy and theater.

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